Monday, April 25, 2016

Death Note Vol. 5, by Tsugumi Ohba

Being stuck inside L’s prison Light is irritated and is ready to give up the ownership of the Death Note. Ryuk grants his wish and now Light’s memories of the Death Note have been vanished. Light becomes his innocent self once again and works with L, who has now become his best friend, to hunt down Kira. With Misa and Light both being freed of being involved with Death Note, who is the new Kira in Japan now? All the new victims who are facing deaths have some kind of connection going on in the business world and less involved with bringing justice for a better world.

I enjoyed going through the phase of both Light and Misa acting as their usual self, living a normal life without the evil power of Death Note running through their veins. It is very nice to see how they would live their daily lives with fun and laughter at the task force with Ryuzaki who seems to be enjoying this the most. We see how many worldwide problems can be solved when the two intrepid genius contribute. I adored how much closer as friends Light and Ryuzaki got in Death Note Vol. 5, by Tsugumi Ohba,  of the book. While Misa acts as her old self creating much laughter and happiness at the task force.

Death Note Vol 3, by Tsugumi Ohba

Light is cornered by the 64 hidden cameras and microphones which L has ordered to implant in his room. Light decides to step up his game as he puts his malicious plan to be always a step ahead of L. While L puts his life on the line as he takes one of the biggest risk in his life. Things heat up as more and more people are stirred up in the Kira case. It’s nearly impossible for the people involved to solve this troublesome case and now it’s seems that there is no way out and their old lives will never be given back to them. A harbinger of more problems appears as an anonymous second Kira appears out of the blue with threatening messages.

One of my favorite events occurs in Death Note Vol 3, by Tsugumi Ohba, while the dramatic tennis match takes place. I absolutely loved the psychological thinking went on only during a simply minor tennis match. It signified and symbolized so many things that really make one cogitate deeply. It is a sign of a gloomy foreshadow nearing. Once again the art is just extraordinary making each moment of the story more believable and realistic flowing perfectly with the atmosphere of the story. What I didn’t quite like is the idea of pulling out a second Kira. I feel like now the author is trying to fit in as much conflict as possible to keep the reader’s attention.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Death Note, Vol 2, by Tsugumi Ohba

Now a storm of difficulties hit Light as he is tested to be qualified for this formidably malicious life as Kira. His magnificent intelligence is questioned whether he can really slip out of the fingers of the police and built his new cleansed world. On the other hand, L works for the very first time with a few detectives for the sake of this monstrous case. L is no less intelligent than Light in fact he is the only detective in the world who is capable to solve labyrinthine problems like this. Shockingly we learn more about luminary detective’s outrageously strange habits. L tests Kira’s limit by monitoring how far he’ll go to protect his crime by sending private FBI spies from America. To make things worse one of the agents has a fiancée whose clever thinking and evidence may lead to Light’s defeat. Light strives to destroy all that is against him but the question still hangs in the air, how far will he go?

Things spice up even more in the book Death Note, Vol 2, by Tsugumi Ohbaas the unique detective L is introduced with his peculiar actions. I am absolutely loving this new character who is on the same intellectual level as Light but the only difference is that Light is head to toe a perfect model while L here is simply a bizarre human with outrageous behaviors! This is where it gets exciting as the cat and mouse chase begins among Kira and L. Also, I am really enjoying how Light takes certain actions which is absolutely shocking for him to committee all for his terrifying dream of creating a new world with the Death Note.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Death Note - Volume 7, by Tsugumi Ohba

In the book Death Note - Volume 7, by Tsugumi Ohbaas the capture of the newest Kira draws an end the entire taskforce gets a clear view of a monstrous looking Shinigami, Rem. They finally learn the method of how the killing took place. With no one owning the position of Kira, Light’s plan fall perfectly in place and he gains all of his memories. We take a deeper look at what exactly happened before Light decided to turn himself in out of the blue. The malicious Light returns once again with his outrageous plan to create his new world. This time a jaw dropping event takes place making a bold statement that Light Yagami has truly surpassed the best of mankind and even Shinigamis.

This volume of the book is overall mostly a return of Death Note’s psychologically brilliant actions. I am amazed at how Light sewed up his flawless plan which we get to see in the flashback. Aside from all the terrific things that went on in this volume, I am drowned in depression after the heartbreaking tragedy that occurs in this depressing book. Words are not enough to describe the great deal of emotions and tears I shed after finishing the reading. With a tremendous amount of trauma and shock I had to pause my reading of Death Note and really take a moment to ease my sorrow.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, by Alan Bullock

Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, by Alan Bullock, is a, extraordinary well-documented and detailed look at events leading up the power of the world famous dictator Adolf Hitler. Bullock hits a home run with writing the masterpiece of Hitler’s life because he accomplishes to really bring out a lot more of Hitler’s past to fill in the gaps as well as showing how a miserable childhood later affected him and the entire world. Another accomplishment Bullock makes with Hitler’s biography is by remarkably explaining how preciously his later ideas and behavior were prefigured in his early years.

One of the reasons why this book will surely snatch the reader’s attention is because Bullock handles to bring out Hitler’s past with a sense of anticipation and drama. He also proves that what today’s world accepts as "facts" about Adolf Hitler is full of inconsistencies and assumption. Indeed he does prove numerous of our assumptions wrong. Although this is my first book reading about the powerful leader, I still have to say it is by far the best ever written biography about him. In order to make understanding of his formidably horrifying actions, one must look into his past and see him as an individual and his nature as a human being.“He was not cut out to be a painter. But Hitler refused to admit defeat” . It was heartbreaking to read about the poor child getting rejected twice from becoming an artist of his dreams. On top of that, life with his family wasn’t any pleasing with a dominating father in a crowded house. Indeed Hitler was a gifted young man, but his society never realized that.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, April 11, 2016

My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick, is a story about a girl who has looked out her window to see her neighbors, The Garrets, they are everything she always wanted in her family. They are crazy, fun, and affectionate towards one another. The Garrets aren't really respected in there community and are looked down upon because the many children in the house and the mess that is always left in there front yard. She cant help but look at them every night to see what fun thing they are doing now. One day she meets one of the boys in the family and she ends up being part of the family she always admired from afar. What will happen in the end? Will she take her families side or the garrets side?

This is one of the cutest books I have ever read. The main character is very relatable and you feel for her struggles and are happy when good things happen to her. If they came out with a sequal to this book I would read it. The Garrets were so hectic and loving that I wish I knew them. I wanted to be part of their family and hang out with them. All the family member are very likeable. You will get attached to each one when you read this book. I would recommend this book to someone who just wants a fun read that will make you laugh and love the relationship in this book. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Mia J., Grade 12
Glendale Central Library

Monday, April 4, 2016

Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth, by Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi * NOT IN LIBRARY SYSTEM*

Reading this book was worth investing my time due to how smoothly Gandhi blends us into the exploration of his life. Gandhi’s point of view and his tone of writing to present to us how he felt was absolutely marvelous. The preeminent leader’s bold passionate of love and nonviolence really is spotted when one horrifying incident occurs in a village during a corrupt time. From among his search of truth what I found most fascinating is how he sets the audience free to agree or disagree with his actions and conclusions. All these factors lead up to this incredible book Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth which once again reminds us of how the legacy of the great revolutionary leader Gandhi portrayed a nonviolent and purified life to inspire the future.

Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth, by Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhiis truly an inspiration for all ages because of the depth thinking Gandhi shares among all the readers. As a child, we were expected to know about Gandhi, and when I did learn I thought I understood who he was. But after reading this book I came to understanding of how little I knew about him. My most enjoyed the parts was where he mentions how his life outside politics was like with the guiding of Bhagavad Gita. In all, it was splendid in depth view of his struggling life while desperately trying to lead his nation to break free from the English tyranny.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tangerine, by Edward Bloor

The story is about a young boy who has vision problems and is trying to uncover the truth of why exactly he has them. He goes to school at a high end middle school, where he cannot play soccer, his sport, because of his eyesight. So, he transfers over to another poorer high school where he can play soccer. While there, he befriends the soccer team and a person named Luis. Shortly after, he uncovers the horrifying truth about why he has damaged eyes.

Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, was a great read, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a good book to read. The book starts slow, but picks up fast towards the middle and just never stops. The author never lost track of the real reason why we are reading; to find out why the main character is blind. The ending is unpredictable, and the only way he finds out is through an unfortunate event, and a series of flashbacks. This book has a way of getting capturing your interest, and if there is one book you definitely should read, it is this one.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 9
Grandview Library

Friday, March 25, 2016

Death Note volume 10, by Tsugumi Ohba

As Near’s suspicion grows more strongly towards Light, Mello selects a new partner in crime to monitor over the NPD. With both successors closing in, Light needs to cook up some clever plans and immediately. But it is no fun to have only L’s successors in the game; Light needs some successors to shape his ideal too. Light tries very keenly to pick and give the Death Note to a successor of his choice because now Mogi is monitoring Misa 24/7. But can Light trust another stranger with the notebook as he handles the role of L, his fiancé and a new girlfriend?

Light’s new successor is interesting with a unique characteristic just like Light. But I honestly think that Near is wasting time questioning and pestering the taskforce members like Aizawa and Mogi when he could be going a lot more deeper with the case. Though mostly throughout this volume of the series we just read about Near and Mello trying to get closer to the end of this case while making no progress at all. Death Note volume 10, by Tsugumi Ohba, has a lot of intensity only stirs up during the parts involved with Kira’s chosen successor and how he gets another woman to fall for him with his irresistible romantic act. I do dislike how he feels that women are too easy to get and merely has any respect for them while using them only for his needs and trashing them afterwards.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Death Note - Vol 8, by Tsugumi Ohba

In the book Death Note - Vol 8, by Tsugumi OhbaLight Yagami is back in action! Only this time he’s three times as bad and evil. He holds the identity of Kira, the new member of the NPA and the honorable title of L. Just when Kira extends his fingertips to reach for his ideal world hotheaded Mello kidnaps Sayu. Mello offers a ransom but the deal can only made by traveling across the world in the middle of nowhere. Light’s humanity s tested to see whether he would pause his plans for his ideal world and go after to save his sister from Mello’s mafia or just let her be murdered.

Two new successors of L are involved in the action to become Light’s new adversaries. Both Near and Mello may have unique habits of nonstop eating chocolate and the other playing with toys, but now it’s becoming like a mandatory tradition to have bizarre habits. I feel like the story is being taken way too far and crossing the line mostly after L’s death. Now Mello and Near are just a replacement of L, trying to become like him who is just irreplaceable. Its obnoxious how Near’s traits, especially, tries so hard to copy and become L with his messy overgrown hair, silent personality, weird position of sitting and instead eating food like L he plays with silly toys.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hunt for Jade Dragon, by Michael Vey

Michael and his friends must rescue a Chinese child prodigy that has learned a way to create more electric children. Michael, Taylor, Ostin and the rest of the Electro clan head to China in search of the child who has discovered why Michael and his friends became electric. The name of this child is Jade Dragon. Jades IQ higher than any one in the world that has ever existed. Later we find out that Jade is a girl. Hatch is the other person that wants Jade but for himself only. He wants more electric children under his control. Michael and the clan have to first get Nichelle to help them fight Hatches electric children. Unfortunately the bad guy or Hatch gets to Jage first and now the clan has to rescue Jade from Elgen where she is being held prisoner in their Taiwan Starource plant. Now the electro clan has to free Jade before Hatch builds his army of electric children. This is the beginning of a journey that will lead to success for some and failure for others.

Hunt for Jade Dragon, by Michael Veyis a great book with a lot of interesting events taking lace. You are never bored while reading the book and want for more action. The author uses her fullest abilities to deliver the best book she can for us the readers. I kind of feel like we are being sucked to the author’s imagination were anything she imagines we feel. You can feel all the action like it’s a 3D movie. This a great book if you’re into movies about people with super powers. This book makes you become the main character like its real life.

Reviewed by Khachik, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Monday, March 14, 2016

Between Shades of Gray, by Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of Gray, by Ruta Sepetys,that takes your breath away. A fifteen- year-old girl named Lina is an artist and can't wait for summer to come so she can go to art school. One night, the Soviet secret police come to there house and barge in, taking Lina, her mother, and her younger brother, They were being sent to Siberia. Her father is separated from his family and sentenced to death in a prison camp. Lina doesn't give up. She fights for her life and her family's to keep them alive. She meets this guy named Aiden who was in her class. When they get to there destination, they are given certain jobs to do. Girls were supposed to dig holes all day in the sun and in the cold winter. The boys would cut wood. The Russians occasionally would call Lina in their office to draw a map or a portrait of the chief. And as a reward, they would give her a piece of bread. Everyday they would get potatoes depending on how much they dug. If it was a little, they would't get any. One day, Lina saw Aiden eating bread with salami, and sitting at a table with his mother and the soldiers. She got really angry and blamed him for being on the Soviets side. Aiden told her something that froze her. Aidens mother was sleeping with all of the soldiers and the chief just to get a meal and a nice bed. It wasn't something she wanted to do. She was forced to. Also to protect her son. While Lina, her family, and the rest had to sleep in an old barn house with no mattress or blankets. After all of the abuse and torture she doesn't lose hope, that the Americans would find and save them.

This novel was very breathtaking and heart capturing. When I read this book, I started crying at the ending because it was so sad. The author did a great job describing and making us understand things. I disliked that is had some russian words, because I don't understand it, but my parents do so I asked them. Between Shades of Gray, is a novel that makes your heart beat faster and makes you catch your breath. It makes you feel things that you don't normally feel when reading books. I absolutely love this book and encourage everyone to read it. I don't read sad books or books that have nothing to do with romance. But this book is worth taking the risk. This novel gives us a little bit of history that we didn't know about or knew what it was but never went in deep.

Reviewed by K.A., Grade 9
Montrose Library

Monday, March 7, 2016

Eon, by Alison Goodman

Eon, by Alison Goodmanis about a cripple boy who try to become a Dragoneye. A powerful lord able to master a dragons power of wind, fire, wind and more. Half way in the book we discover that Eon is a girl. She has endured being discussed as a boy by her master who was the tiger dragons lord. Eon enters the competition and gains a dragon for herself. After the sacred dragon chooses her she goes to live in the palace with the king and his family. Eon has to team up with his master to take down the evil dragon eye of the rat dragon who wants the throne for himself.

The best part is her receiving the dragons power. It is so cool how the dragon that has been gone for years all of a sudden appear and chooses her. Another part i like is discovering that she is a girl. Then there is the part that she takes control of the rat dragon with her power. It is a very interesting book full of mysteries and interesting parts.

Reviewed by Khachik, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Monday, February 29, 2016

Song of the Sparrow, by Lisa Ann Sandell

Set in Britain's Dark Ages 490 AD, teenager Elaine of Ascolat is surrounded by knights and supporting men of Sir Arthur of the Round Table. Feisty and attractive, she is the sole girl in Arthur's military encampment, living with her father and knight brothers. Mender of clothing and healer of wounds, she yearns for the attention and love of Lancelot, Arthur's right hand man. Befriending the temporary woman figure of the camp, Morgan sister of Arthur, Tristan, and Arthur himself is only a matter of trust. However, upon the arrival of the alluring Gwynivere, Elaine finds herself in a situation of utter jealousy as this new rival is also in love with Lancelot. Yet, in situations of grave danger, survival, and the birthing of an empire, love and rivalry cannot come in the way.

Song of the Sparrow, by Lisa Ann Sandell, is an engaging plot line written in verse easy enough for teen readers to decipher. Its playful poetry draws in the audience to the tale of a young girl battling with young love, omens telling her that her loved ones might perish in war, and the loss of a mother at a young age. I liked the title of this book as it refers to Elaine's gut instinct and conscience. The readers knew something was unusual when the sparrow flitted inside of Elaine. When the sparrow flew off, it indicated Elaine's freedom. This book definitely leans towards the feminine audience as it is filled with the battle of a girl or woman's place in a man's world. It is also a very interesting read to those who love history, especially the middle ages, and the tales of King Arthur, Lancelot, and Gwynivere.

Reviewed by Alexis K., Grade 10
Montrose Library